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Thanks for using the app - we appreciate. Having said that there are some things "we" (creator, co-founder, and all involved in the project) would like to clear up. By using the application, Yummy Scan, you agree to the following. You are using this application at your own risk. Should the application cause a disastrous meal to death - "we", the creator, co-founder, third parties (involved in the creation of the application) will NOT be held responsible. Cases including emotional and physical damages of person or people (including property) are also included as part of the agreement. "Included" in the sense that "we" are not responsible. The camera on your phone is used to capture UPC barcode numbers. The UPC data is the only data being genrated and analyzed from the camera.  The free advertisement version of Yummy Scan uses GPS for advertisement purpose(s) only. "We" do not store your location data, however, we do not guarantee if all…

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